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Crypto Investment Solutions

Bitcoin & Altcoins

Cryptocurrency can be confusing and technically overwhelming - yet represents a total market capitalization of over $1.13T and growing daily.

Customized Portfolio

We work with you to ensure you are empowered with ample education to decide how you would like a portfolio designed, then work to help set it up.

Security & Privacy

We use the latest technology to ensure your assets are safely protected. Wallets (and private keys) are stored using Military Grade AES-256 bit encryption.

Bitcoin is not a scam or a fad.

You will end up owning bitcoin – the question is, will you get in now and make a profit, or wait until it's too late?

The U.S. money supply has risen 25% since the start of the pandemic and will be up 40% compared with a year ago once the most recent round of stimulus is done in the next few days. The value of US dollars on average loses 6% of its buying power each year - and that is before COVID hit. Institutional money keeps pouring in Bitcoin because savvy investors know that it is the #1 place to store value long term against the coming inflation.

Bitcoin has grow 8,200,000% since inception, the network has never gone down or been compromised, and millions of people use it daily – and soon billions will. You can invest in Crypto Hedge Fund that you'll pay a premium on, pay heavy fees - and not actually own anything but shares in a company that reacts to the markets. Or you can safely and securely own and store your own crypto. If you don't own your keys - you don't own the coins.

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Josh Stone


Joshua has been in the technology industry for the last twenty five years. He has founded and sold several software companies and has been into crypto since 2012.

Kevin Williams


Kevin has led growth at several organizations and sits on the board a several startups, having several prior successful exits. He has consistently grown organizations to scale and maximized profitability.

Rachel Peterson


Rachel is a seasoned operator and financial officer who began her career as a paralegal. She has been involved with emerging and disruptive technology firms over the past 15 years.


Andrew Stevens


Andrew has served as CTO to multiple organizations as well as being a founder. He has an extensive background in security, data science and platform architecture.

Lawrence Secrease


Lawrence previously worked for Google and has had several successful technology startup exits. His primary focus is wallet security and integrating smart contracts into business needs.


Niraj Rayalla


Niraj has a long engineering pedigree and has developed some customer facing platforms that are used by millions of users globally. He has also developed a platform for Tesla API integration.

What We Do

Our services will help you educate, plan and invest in cryptocurrency securely.

Technical Assistance

Crypto can be confusing with hundreds of exchanges worldwide, and pro's and con's for each one. We walk you through this spiderweb to make sense of it all from ICOs, IEOs, IDOs & DEX, NFTs, and DEFI Offerings.


Educate Investors

There are thousands of cryptocurrency tokens besides Bitcoin. Many have massive returns and will be the technology of tomorrow - many are scams. We help you understand them.

Account Setup & Activation

We help investors get their accounts setup, authorized, activated and funded so that you can own crypto yourself, and we setup how to store this offline.

Automated Trading & AI Robots

We can help you leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bots to make trades on markets that are open 24/7 worldwide – and how to make daily returns.

Industry News

We keep you up to date with our private Investor Newsletter to give you insights into up and coming platforms, market movements, and technology startup opportunities.

Security & Reduced Risk

Security and Privacy are keep to our business and we help you get setup to safely and securely store your crypto in a variety of ways to fight against would-be hackers.